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Individual attention

A new foal is first put in a box with another foal so that it has a buddy.
The mares and stallions are split into separate groups.

The advantage of this is that we can monitor them well but also have a lot in our hands. They regularly visit the blacksmith, vaccinations are arranged, deworming, etc.

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As soon as the yearlings can go out into the meadow, they go to Stal Paardenvreugd. Here they are divided into as many existing groups of mares and stallions as possible.

This way there is a lot of peace between the horses because they already know each other.


To prepare the young horses as best as possible for inspections or later sporting careers.

After the young horses have returned from rearing, they are examined X-ray and go to the dentist.

This way you know in advance whether, for example, your stallion actually meets the veterinary requirements for the stallion inspection.

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